Collection #1

We explain how to know if you are affected and why.

Collection # 1 is a group of files publicly uploadeds to the MEGA server
with 770 millions of usernames and passwords of more than 80 Gb.

The passwords have been obtained by several methods:
Security attacks on websites , taringa !, linkedIN, Xat
Other methods, viruses, phishing , etc …

The file has been deleted, but does not guarantee that there are mirrors.

How can they know my email password , if I have never put it?

They use “robots” to check if the password of the web user or network attacked is the same as that of the email .

The first thing to do is check if we are in the file by entering
our email on the web ->

In case of receiving a notice in RED we must understand that we are in a list.
If you receive a notice in GREEN, you are probably not affectated.

Steps to follow:

1- Use a new computer that we have security that is “clean”

Or boot Ubuntu from a Pendrive or DVD to use Firefox.Ubuntu Live
we explain how to do it here

2- Close all sessions of all emails and social networks.

3- Revoke permissions of and linked applications to the mail:

Gmail, Outlook, etc … allow access to link applications.

4- Change the password of the mail, for a new one.

5- Enter to social network and revoke permissions of linked applications.

6- Change the social networks with different passwords .

7- Start the usual computer session:

Uninstall any suspicious application.
Checking for Malware Phishing applications you can use Malware Bytes.
Check if the antivirus is operative and updated, you can use 360 TTS.
We recommend uninstalling browsers completely and reinstalling them.

8- Check suspicious applications on your Smartphone Tablet TV.